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The Council's Petition Scheme - E-petitions (Amendment)

26 April 2018


A report presented to council provided details of a reference from the business support overview and scrutiny committee (30 January 2018), which asked the council to consider amending the council's petition scheme to accept e-petitions which did not include all of the personal details currently required by the scheme. The report provided an update on discussions between the council and, the organisation which supplies the council's e-petitions system, about the possibility of developing the facility so that it could provide some of the functionality provided by other e-petition platforms.

The chairman of the business support overview and scrutiny committee, Councillor Carr, supported by Councillor Etheridge, proposed the following:

"9.1 Council is requested to note the discussion and recommendations from the business support overview and scrutiny committee, and agree the following:

a) That council notes that, as outlined in paragraph 5.3 of the report, officers have explored the potential to develop the council's e-petition facility so that it may incorporate some of the functionality of other e-petition platforms to become petitioners' preferred e-petition platform, and have found that the cost of doing so is outside of current budget restraints. This matter to be reconsidered in six months' time.

b) That council resolves only to accept e-petitions which fully comply with the existing requirements of Medway council's constitution, i.e. where an e-petition hosted on an alternative platform is received by the council, the petition will only be accepted when the council is able to see a name, postal address, a valid postcode and email address for the lead petitioner as well as each signatory.

c) That council instructs the head of democratic services to include clear advice on the council website that e-petitions hosted on external websites cannot be accepted under the council's current arrangements for handling petitions unless the information required by the petition scheme is supplied".


Councillor Maple, supported by Stamp, proposed the following amendment:

"9.1 - Delete all text after the word "Council" and replace with "approves an amendment to the council's petition scheme to accept e-petitions which do not include all of the personal details (name, address, postcode and email address) currently required by the scheme. This should only be permitted where there is evidence that an organisation hosting the e-petition requires the lead petitioner and any signatories to register this information.

The wording for the amendment to the scheme is as laid out on page 4.6 of appendix A to the report."

On being put to the vote, the amendment was lost.

Vote Result

Votes by Councillor

For For For 15

The following councillors voted in favour of the amendment:

Against Against Against 34

The following councillors voted against the amendment:

Absent Absent Absent 6

The following councillors were absent from the vote:

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