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Public Spending Reductions

29 July 2010


A report presented to council set out a number of proposals in response to the reductions in funding announced by the government following the emergency budget reductions of £6.2 billion in public spending and the further announcements in the emergency budget presented to parliament on 22 June 2010. The cabinet considered a report on the proposed budget reductions on 29 June 2010.

Councillor Jarrett, supported by Councillor Rodney Chambers, proposed the recommendations as set out in the report whereby:

  1. The council agreed the package of measures to redress the budget shortfall as set out in the appendices and summarised in the table at paragraph 3.7 in the report.
  2. The council approved the use of reserves accruing from the underspend in 2009/10 to fund any necessary once-off costs in implementing the changes.
  3. The council authorised the relevant director or the chief executive:
    1. Where specific posts within the general service area have not yet been identified as potential redundancies, to identify such, in line with the package of measures set out in the appendices and to commence consultation on those specific proposals.
    2. In all cases to consider the consultation responses received in respect of proposals relating to their directorates and to determine final redundancy proposals.

On being put to the vote, the motion was carried.

Vote Result

Votes by Councillor

For For For 32

The following councillors voted in favour of the motion:

Against Against Against 12

The following councillors voted against the motion:

Abstain Abstain Abstain 6

The following councillors abstained from voting on the motion:

Absent Absent Absent 4

The following councillors were absent from the vote:

To view the list of councillors who voted in favour or against the motion, those who abstained and those who were absent, click on the appropriate heading.

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