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Medway Elects brings you key information about the representatives you elect in Medway.

From election results to councillors' allowances, Medway Elects has scoured the public domain, and submitted several Freedom of Information requests, to keep all the key information in one place for you.

Medway Council

Medway Elects' largest collection of information relates to Medway Council. Here you will find mini-profiles for all councillors, past and present, including their terms of office, allowances and voting history. You can also see a complete election history for every council ward since the first unitary elections in May 1997.

UK Parliament

Medway Elects brings you every election result for the current and former constituencies within Medway since 1918 and see mini-profiles for all Members of Parliament, past and present.

EU Parliament

Medway Elects contains mini-profiles for all current and former Members of the European Parliament for South East England, in which Medway is located, together with the former MEPs for the earlier constituency of Kent West. This website also features all election results since the first European Parliament elections in 1979, including a comparison between the votes cast in Medway and the votes cast across the South East, where available.

Kent PCC

Medway Elects includes a mini-profile for the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner and election results since the post was created in 2012.


Medway Elects features mini-profiles for every candidate who has been on a ballot paper in Medway (excluding Parish Council elections). All mini-profiles include election history and Twitter profiles (where known). Candidates who have been successful in their bid for election also have terms of office and other information relevant to the office held.


Medway Elects covers all referenda held in Medway, including, where available, a comparison between the votes cast in Medway and the votes cast across the whole area covered by that referendum, and a breakdown of the results by council ward.

Fast and free

Medway Elects has been designed to allow you to navigate freely between all of the information contained on its database. All of the information has been presented with one clear goal: to bring you the information you want together in the most helpful, and easiest, format possible.

Any suggestions?

If there's anything you'd like to see added - or anything you think needs changing - why not contact our founder, Alan Collins Rosell, on or tweet @MedwayElects.