Medway Elects
Medway Council

Medway Council consists of 55 councillors who are elected every four years. Councillors have responsibility for aspects of local matters including housing, local business, planning and schools.

Medway Councillors

Candidates usually stand for a political party (although some stand as independent candidates) and, if elected, sit in that party's political group. Medway Council is currently made up of the following political groups:

Conservative Group (37 members)
Labour Group (15 members)
UKIP Group (2 members)

A political group requires 28 members for an overall majority on the council. If no group has more than 28 members then the Administration is classed as "NOC", or No Overall Control. Prior to 2003, when there were 80 councillors elected to Medway Council, a political group required 41 members for an overall majority. The 2003 election was the first time a single political group had an overall majority on the council.

Cabinet & Committees

In addition to periodic meetings of the full council, councillors may sit on specialist committees which have delegated authority to take decisions or hold the Council's executive branch, the Cabinet, to account.

To find out more about the Cabinet and committees, including their current members, please go here.

Councillors' Allowances

All councillors are entitled to a basic allowance and to claim for certain travel and subsistence expenses. Some councillors have special responsibilities (e.g. a cabinet portfolio or chairing a committee) and receive an additional allowance. The amount paid each year for these was:

YearBasicSpecial ResponsibilityTravel & SubsistenceTotal

Allowances information shown for the last five years only. To see a full history since 2005, click here.

Councillors' Voting History

Most decisions taken by councillors at meetings of the whole Council are made by unanimous agreement or, if the decision is disputed, by show of hands. However, the Council's Constitution states that in certain circumstances, or if six or more members request, a "recorded vote" may be taken, where each councillor's vote is recorded in the minutes of the meeting. The number of votes recorded in each council term is as follows:

Council Term Recorded Votes
2015 to 2019 12
2011 to 2015 13
2007 to 2011 18
2003 to 2007 15
2000 to 2003 5

Recorded votes are only available from December 2001 onwards. Click on a council term to see the full list of recorded votes, whether they were carried or lost and how each councillor voted.

Medway Council Wards

The following wards are currently represented on Medway Council:

Chatham Central
Cuxton and Halling
Gillingham North
Gillingham South
Hempstead and Wigmore
Lordswood and Capstone
Luton and Wayfield
Princes Park
Rainham Central
Rainham North
Rainham South
Rochester East
Rochester South and Horsted
Rochester West
Strood North
Strood Rural
Strood South

To see historical results for old wards, please go here.

Elections to Medway Council

The following elections to Medway Council have taken place since it was formed:

By-election on Date to be confirmed
By-election on 3 November 2016
By-election on 20 October 2016
Full election on 7 May 2015
By-election on 20 November 2014
Full election on 5 May 2011
By-election on 21 October 2010
By-election on 12 August 2010
By-election on 3 September 2009
By-election on 8 May 2008
Full election on 3 May 2007
Full election on 1 May 2003
Full election on 4 May 2000
By-election on 19 February 1998
Full election on 1 May 1997

To view the results for each election, click on the election date above.