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Councillors' Allowances


All councillors are entitled to a basic allowance and to claim for certain travel and subsistence expenses. Some councillors have special responsibilities (e.g. a cabinet portfolio or chairing a committee) and receive an additional allowance.

Allowances Paid in 2019/2020

Allowances Paid by Councillor

The amount paid to each councillor in 2019/2020 was:

  Councillor Basic Allowance Special Responsibility Allowance Travel and Subsistence Dependent Carers Allowance Total
  Total £564,248.00 £304,884.00 £4,814.00 £80.00 £873,946.00

To order councillors by their name or the amount of allowances they received in each categoryin 2019/2020, click on the appropriate column heading.

Allowances Paid by Party

Click on a party to see a breakdown of their allowances for 2019/2020.

Allowances are published by Medway council shortly after the end of the council's financial year on 31 March. If a councillor left the council or changed party part-way through the financial year, we have used their party as at 31 March, or the date they left the council, to calculate how much the councillors in each party received.

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