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Cabinet and Committees

In addition to periodic meetings of the full council, councillors may sit on specialist committees which have delegated authority to take decisions or hold the council's executive branch, the cabinet, to account.


Medway's councillors meet together six times a year to discuss the council's policy framework and budget. Certain other decisions are also reserved for the council such as making changes to Medway’s constitution, determining electoral issues and dealing with matters which are not the responsibility of the cabinet.


The cabinet is the council's executive branch, responsible for proposing the policy framework and budget to the rest of the council and for taking decisions on resources and priorities throughout the year. The cabinet delivers and implements the budget and policies decided by the council.

Cabinet Sub-Committees

From time to time, the cabinet may establish sub-committees to direct specific areas of council policy or responsibility. The current sub-committees are:

Overview and Scrutiny Committees

Overview and scrutiny is one of the most important ways in which councillors can influence council policy and champion their constituents. Councillors can ask the committees to discuss issues of local importance by asking for a members item to be added to the agenda or through the facility to raise a councillor call for action.

The committees also debate petitions presented to council where the petitioners are not satisfied with the response they have had play a key role in developing and reviewing policy and holding the cabinet to account.

Former Committees

Since its formation in 1998, Medway council has included a number of other committees which are no longer constituted. These have either been replaced by new committees, been permanently dissolved or are only constitued on an ad-hoc basis for a specific purpose. The following list only includes former committees for which historic attendance or membership data is available and is by no means exhaustive.

Click on the name of any committee to see a brief description of their role, their current members and councillors' attendance record.

We are still working on adding historic attendance records to our database. The earliest council meeting we have attendance data for is that held on 13 November 2008. The earliest cabinet meeting we have attendance data for is that held on 22 September 2009. The earliest committee meeting we have attendance data for is that held on 21 November 2007. Please bear with us while we work back to the earliest data available.

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