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UK Parliament

The UK parliament is comprised of two chambers: the House of Lords, whose members are appointed, and the House of Commons, whose members are directly elected by voters. Together, parliament is responsible for legislation affecting the whole of the UK.

Members of the House of Commons, who are known as members of parliament (MP), are elected up to every five years. The UK is divided into constituencies of roughly the same number of voters, and those voters elect an MP to represent them. Elections are conducted under the first past the post voting system, under which the candidate with the highest number of votes is elected.

Members of the House of Lords, who are known as peers, are appointed by the monarch, on the advice of the government. The majority of peers are appointed for life, but 99 peers who hold inherited (or hereditary) titles are also entitled to sit in the House. When a vacancy arises among the hereditary peers, an election is held to replace them, although only hereditary peers are entitled to vote in those elections.

Medway's Members of Parliament

Each of Medway's constituencies elect one member of parliament to represent their interests, and vote on their behalf, in the House of Commons. The current MPs are:

To see who else has represented Medway in the House of Commons, please go here.

Medway's Parliamentary Constituencies

Medway is currently represented in the House of Commons by the following constituencies:

To see historical information for old constituencies covering Medway, please go here.

Elections to the UK Parliament

The following elections to the UK parliament have taken place in Medway since the Great Reform Act in 1832:

To view the results for each election, click on the election date above.

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