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Chatham Central is currently represented on Medway council by:

Siju Adeoye
  2 May 2019 -

Harinder Mahil
  2 May 2019 -

Vince Maple
  3 May 2007 -

Former Councillors

The following councillors have also represented Chatham Central since 2003:

Paul Godwin
  1 May 2003 - 2 May 2019

Julie Shaw
  1 May 2003 - 2 May 2019

James Wyper
  1 May 2003 - 3 May 2007


The following elections took place in Chatham Central between 2003 and Present:

Full election
2 May 2019

EU Membership Referendum
23 June 2016

Full election
7 May 2015

Full election
5 May 2011

Full election
3 May 2007

Full election
1 May 2003

To view the results for each election, click on the election date above.

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The Local Government Boundary Commission for England are currently reviewing Medway's ward boundaries. The new boundaries are expected to increase the number of councillors in Medway from 55 to 59 and will be introduced for the next elections to Medway council in 2023. They have launched a public consultation for residents and organisations in Medway to help them decide where the boundaries should be drawn. The consultation is open until 2 March 2020, with draft recommendations due to be published in June 2020. You can have your say on the new boundaries by clicking the button below, which will take you to the Local Government Boundary Commission for England's consultation.

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