Medway Elects

2 May 2019

An election was held in Peninsula ward on 2 May 2019 to elect three councillors.

Prior to the election, Ukip held two of the seats and the Conservatives held the other seat. Following the election, independent candidates gained two of the seats from Ukip and the Conservatives held the reamining seat.

Ron Sands, Phil Filmer and Mick Pendergast were elected as councillors for the ward.


The following result was declared by the returning officer:

  Candidate Votes %
  Turnout 3,895 34.1%
  Independent gain from Ukip
  Independent gain from Ukip
  Conservative hold

* Denotes a councillor standing for re-election.

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Rejected Ballots

The number of votes rejected and not counted at this election was:

  Want of official mark 0
Voting for more than the permitted number of candidates 9
Writing or marks by which the voter could be identified 0
Unmarked or voided for uncertainty 14
Total 23

Vote Share

Vote Change


Vote share for the ward is calculated using the "top vote" method, which uses the candidate from each party with the highest number of votes.

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