Medway Elects
EU Membership

23 June 2016


A referendum was held asking the following question:

Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?


The following results were declared by the returning officer:

Option Medway % UK %
  Leave the European Union 88,997 64.1 17,410,742 51.9
  Remain a member of the European Union 49,889 35.9 16,141,241 48.1
Turnout  71.5   72.2

To order the options by their ballot paper order, number of votes received in Medway or number of votes received in the UK, click on the appropriate column heading.

Rejected Ballots (Medway)

The number of votes rejected and not counted at this election was:

No official mark 0
Both answers voted for 27
Writing or mark which could identify the voter 9
Total 36

Medway Result

UK Result

Results by Ward

In all of Medway's 22 council wards, Leave the European Union received more votes than Remain a member of the European Union, but the margin between Leave and Remain was narrower in some wards than in others.

Ward Leave % Remain %
Peninsula 71.6 28.4
Strood South 70.9 29.1
Twydall 70.9 29.1
Luton and Wayfield 69.0 31.0
Lordswood and Capstone 67.9 32.1
Rainham South 67.2 32.8
Gillingham North 66.8 33.2
Strood Rural 66.4 33.6
Princes Park 66.1 33.9
Rainham North 65.5 34.5
Cuxton and Halling 64.1 35.9
Walderslade 63.9 36.1
Strood North 63.8 36.2
Chatham Central 62.8 37.2
Gillingham South 62.7 37.3
Rochester South and Horsted 60.8 39.2
Watling 59.5 40.5
Hempstead and Wigmore 59.3 40.7
River 58.3 41.7
Rochester East 57.4 42.6
Rainham Central 56.6 43.4
Rochester West 54.3 45.7

To view the full results for each ward, please click on the ward name above. To order the wards by their name or the level of support each referendum option received, click on the appropriate column heading.

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