Medway Elects
Medway Councillors

Candidates usually stand for a political party (although some stand as independent candidates) and, if elected, sit in that party's political group. Medway Council is currently made up of the following political groups:

  Conservative Group 37 members
  Labour Group 16 members
  UKIP Group 2 members

The following parties have also had groups on the council since it was formed in 1997:

  Liberal Democrat

A political group requires 28 members for an overall majority on the council. If no group has more than 28 members then the Administration is classed as "NOC", or No Overall Control. Prior to 2003, when there were 80 councillors elected to Medway Council, a political group required 41 members for an overall majority. The 2003 election was the first time a single political group had an overall majority on the council.