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Mina da Rui
#MedwayElects19 Candidate

Mina Da Rui
Rochester West
Animal Welfare Party


I have been living in Rochester West since 2013. I grew up a French town where the local community values its cultural heritage, nature and animals equally, so from a young age I have cultivated an interested in politics, social issues and nature. I am currently studying Law and International Relations at SOAS and work part-time in events and corporate administration. In my spare time I can mostly be found walking and running around the beautiful areas Medway has to offer, enjoying live music and films with my partner, and volunteering for causes I care about.

Priorities for Medway

I support policies conducive to social, environmental and economic sustainability and prosperity rather than the damaging focus on 'growth' above all else that has prevailed in the past decades, with a view to ensuring Medway's people, animals and environment can thrive in harmony. Current opportunities and challenges in terms of housing and planning, education and health, business, transport and environmental issues need to be harnessed, with a focus on long-term sustainability and a holistic and ethical approach to decision-making, so Medway can be a forward-thinking, healthy, pleasant and safe place that can truly sustain our local community and the animals we share Medway with.



Twitter @MinadaRui

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Electoral History

Mina da Rui has stood in the following elections:

Medway Council

2 May 2019
Rochester West
  Mina Da Rui Upcoming

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