Medway Elects
Health and Wellbeing Board

In line with nationally agreed operating principles, the Health and Wellbeing Board will seek to:

  1. provide collective leadership to improve health and well-being across the local authority area, enable shared decision-making and ownership of decisions in an open and transparent way;
  2. achieve democratic legitimacy and accountability, and empower local people to take part in decision-making;
  3. address health inequalities by ensuring quality, consistency and comprehensive health and local government services are commissioned and delivered in the area; and
  4. identify key priorities for health and local government commissioning and develop clear plans for how commissioners can make best use of their combined resources to improve local health and well-being outcomes in the short, medium and long term.

The Health and Wellbeing Board also includes independent members who are not councillors, but members of the community co-opted onto the committee because of their relevant skills, knowledge or experience.

  Cllr David Brake
  Cllr Howard Doe
  Cllr Gary Etheridge
  Cllr Adrian Gulvin
  Cllr Vince Maple
  Cllr Martin Potter
  Cllr Stuart Tranter