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The Conservative party is a national political party which was originally formed in 1834. In 1912, they merged with the Liberal Unionist party to become the Conservative and Unionist party, although they are more commonly referred to as the Conservatives or the Tories.

Since the 1970s, the Conservatives have been the dominant political party in Medway. They held an overall majority on Gillingham borough council between 1976 and 1990, and remained the largest party until they were overtaken by the Liberal Democrats in 1992. They also held an overall majority on Rochester-upon-Medway city council between 1976 and 1991, and remained the largest party until they were overtaken, again by the Liberal Democrats, in 1995. Their most challenging years came in the mid-1990s, when they were reduced to just two councillors in Gillingham and one councillor in Rochester.

When Medway council was formed in 1998, the Conservatives were the third-largest party with 20 councillors. However, they have consistently had over 30 councillors elected at every election since 2000, when they became the largest party on the council, and have had an overall majority on the council since 2003.

The Conservative group currently has 22 councillors. The group leader is Adrian Gulvin and the deputy group leader is Elizabeth Turpin.

Since 1998 there have also been 120 individuals who have sat as Conservative councillors but who are either no longer members of the council or now sit as members of another party.

Wards Represented

Map shows wards where one or more of the councillors is a Conservative member. Some wards may also be represented by councillors from other parties.

Former Councillors

All dates shown reflect unbroken terms of office as Conservative members.

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