Medway Elects
Sheila Clark

Terms of Office

Sheila Clark has served the following terms of office:

Medway Council
  Beechings 1 May 1997 - 1 May 2003

Recorded Votes

Most decisions taken by councillors at meetings of the whole Council are made by unanimous agreement or, if the decision is disputed, by show of hands. However, the Council's Constitution states that in certain circumstances, or if six or more members request, a "recorded vote" may be taken, where each councillor's vote is recorded in the minutes of the meeting. The votes recorded for Sheila Clark are as follows:

2000 to 2003

Recorded votes are only available from December 2001 onwards. Click on a term to see how Sheila Clark voted during that term. Click on the subject of a vote to see the full details of the motion and how the other councillors voted.

Electoral History

Sheila Clark has stood in the following elections:

Medway Council
2007: Rainham Central
 Sheila Clark503Not Elected
2003: Rainham South
 Sheila Clark775Not Elected
2000: Beechings
 Sheila Gladys Clark605Elected
1997: Beechings
 Sheila Gladys Clark1,801Elected

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