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Find your #MedwayElects19 results
Find your #MedwayElects19 results
Chrissy Stamp

Councillor for Watling

Photo: Medway Council

Terms of Office

Chrissy Stamp has served the following terms of office:

Medway Council

  2 May 2019 -

Committee Appointments

Chrissy Stamp serves on the following committees:

Health and Adult Social Care Overview and Scrutiny Committee
Planning Committee

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Attendance at Council Meetings

In addition to cabinet and committee meetings, the full Council meets six times a year and, unless there are extenuating circumstances, all councillors are expected to attend these meetings. Chrissy Stamp's attendance record is as follows:

Attendance records are only available from February 2010 onwards. Click on "present" to see which meetings Chrissy Stamp attended in each term or click on "absent" to see which meetings Chrissy Stamp missed in each term.

Electoral History

Chrissy Stamp has stood in the following elections:

Medway Council

2 May 2019
  Chrissy Stamp 928 Elected

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