Medway Elects
Sir Frederick Burden

Terms of Office

Frederick Burden has served the following terms of office:

UK Parliament
  Gillingham 23 Feb 1950 - 9 Jun 1983

Electoral History

Frederick Burden has stood in the following elections:

UK Parliament
1979: Gillingham
 Frederick Burden26,791Elected
1974: Gillingham
 Frederick Burden19,042Elected
1974: Gillingham
 Frederick Burden20,934Elected
1970: Gillingham
 Frederick Burden25,813Elected
1966: Gillingham
 Frederick Burden20,158Elected
1964: Gillingham
 Frederick Burden20,228Elected
1959: Gillingham
 Frederick Burden23,142Elected
1955: Gillingham
 Frederick Burden20,984Elected
1951: Gillingham
 Frederick Burden21,453Elected
1950: Gillingham
 Frederick Burden20,504Elected

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