Medway Elects
Recorded Votes
2015 to 2019

The following votes have been recorded for the Council Term 2015 to 2019:

26 Apr 2018The Council's Petition Scheme - E-petitions (Amendment)1534
26 Apr 2018Additions to the Revenue Budget and Capital Programme3514
22 Feb 2018Revenue and Capital Budgets 2018/20193215
25 Jan 2018Council: Explore Options to Tackle Knife Crime (Amendment)3513
25 Jan 2018Community Governance Review - Proposed Establishment of Rochester Town Council (Amendment)1436
27 Apr 2017Establishment of Committees, Appointments and Schedule of Meetings 2017/2018 (Amendment)1439
23 Feb 2017Capital and Revenue Budgets - 2017/20183515
26 Jan 2017Council: Reduce Time to Trigger Severe Weather Emergency Protocol1532
13 Oct 2016Government: Reconsider Transition Arrangements for Women's Pensions1430
21 Jul 2016Council: Develop Support for Young Refugees1529
28 Apr 2016Council: Support the UK's Membership of the EU (Amendment)3115
28 Apr 2016Government: Reverse Planned Changes to Education (Amendment)3116
25 Feb 2016Capital and Revenue Budgets - 2016/20173318
21 Jan 2016Management of Public Health Budget Cuts3315
15 Oct 2015Questions at Cabinet Meetings: Add Provision1534
15 Oct 2015Questions at Council Meetings: Reduction of Provision3416
12 Aug 2015Government: Reconsider Public Health Budget Cuts1730

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