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Part of the Chatham and Aylesford constituency

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Walderslade is currently represented on Medway Council by:

David Brake
  3 May 2007 -

Adrian Gulvin
  5 May 2011 -

Former Councillors

The following Councillors have also represented Walderslade since 2003:

Ian Burt
  1 May 2003 - 5 May 2011

Kieran Magee
  1 May 2003 - 3 May 2007


The following elections have taken place in Walderslade since 2003:

Full election
2 May 2019

EU Membership Referendum
23 June 2016

Full election
7 May 2015

Full election
5 May 2011

Full election
3 May 2007

Full election
1 May 2003

To view the results for each election, click on the election date above.

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