Medway Elects
Medway Council Election

2 May 2019


Party Seats Gains Losses Net Vote Change
  Conservative 33 1 4 -3 17.2% -5.9
  Labour 20 4 - +4 13.4% +2.3
  Independent 2 2 - +2 4.4% +7.7
  Ukip - - 3 -3 8.2% -6.3
  Green party - - - - 3.9% +2.7
  Liberal Democrats - - - - 2.4% +1.3
  Christian Peoples Alliance - - - - 0.3% +0.5
  Animal Welfare party - - - - 0.2% +0.3
Turnout 61,812 31.3%

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Results by Ward

Chatham Central

Vince Maple *
  Labour 1577 Elected

Harinder Singh Mahil
  Labour 1343 Elected

Siju Adeoye
  Labour 1258 Elected

Nicole Bushill
  Ukip 520 Defeated

David Peter Jarrett
  Conservative 508 Defeated

Pat Gulvin
  Conservative 503 Defeated

Peter Ronald Jenkins
  Independent 439 Defeated

Denise Kay Wildey
  Conservative 435 Defeated

Lisa Frimston
  Independent 415 Defeated

John Wesley Julian Lorenzo Gibson
  Christian Peoples Alliance 166 Defeated

Cuxton and Halling

Matt Fearn *
  Conservative 911 Elected

Jacqueline Anne Cook
  Independent 239 Defeated

Katherine Mary Porter
  Labour 230 Defeated

Naomi Caroline Wilson
  Ukip 191 Defeated

Tina Munro
  Green party 178 Defeated

Gillingham North

Andy Stamp *
  Labour/Co-operative 1896 Elected

Pat Cooper *
  Labour/Co-operative 1854 Elected

Adam Robert William Price *
  Labour/Co-operative 1702 Elected

Robert Nigel Oakley
  Ukip 613 Defeated

Faisal Ahmed
  Conservative 497 Defeated

Kwashie Amartei Anang
  Conservative 485 Defeated

Cartell Cheema
  Conservative 462 Defeated

George Bernard Salomon
  Green party 383 Defeated

Sid Kingman
  Liberal Democrats 221 Defeated

Ian Rickard
  Liberal Democrats 180 Defeated

Chris Sams
  Liberal Democrats 152 Defeated

Gillingham South

Naushabah Parveen Khan *
  Labour/Co-operative 1670 Elected

Clive Stanley William Johnson *
  Labour/Co-operative 1666 Elected

Dan McDonald *
  Labour/Co-operative 1653 Elected

Terry Allen
  Ukip 655 Defeated

Heidi Folk
  Conservative 557 Defeated

Les Wicks *
  Conservative 553 Defeated

Harbans Singh Sidhu
  Conservative 502 Defeated

Alan John Jefferies
  Liberal Democrats 398 Defeated

Geoff Juby
  Liberal Democrats 387 Defeated

Nemia Juby
  Liberal Democrats 324 Defeated

Hempstead and Wigmore

Diane Margaret Chambers *
  Conservative 1641 Elected

Rodney Brian Chambers *
  Conservative 1613 Elected

Raymond David John Eldridge
  Ukip 325 Defeated

Terry Reginald Lucy
  Liberal Democrats 240 Defeated

Louwella Margaret Prenter
  Labour 233 Defeated

Nabilah Khan
  Labour 228 Defeated

Veronica Williams
  Liberal Democrats 224 Defeated

Lordswood and Capstone

Alan Leslie Jarrett *
  Conservative 1357 Elected

David Robert Wildey *
  Conservative 1189 Elected

Jonathan Phillips
  Ukip 476 Defeated

John Gower Strevens
  Labour 262 Defeated

Simon Philip Marchant
  Green party 258 Defeated

Funmi Ayeni
  Labour 248 Defeated

Luton and Wayfield

Tristan John Osborne *
  Labour 1045 Elected

Joanne Christine Howcroft-Scott
  Labour 1009 Elected

Simon Curry
  Labour 1005 Elected

Robbie Lammas
  Conservative 730 Defeated

Alex McDermott
  Conservative 693 Defeated

Keith Leslie Fletcher
  Ukip 662 Defeated

Ade Kosoko
  Conservative 647 Defeated

Sam Craven *
  Independent 556 Defeated

Mike Franklin *
  Independent 415 Defeated

Paul Antony O'Neill
  Liberal Democrats 205 Defeated


Ron Sands
  Independent 1413 Elected

Phil Filmer *
  Conservative 1157 Elected

Mick Pendergast *
  Independent 1125 Elected

Roy Andrew Freshwater *
  Ukip 1002 Defeated

Gloria Rose Thienel
  Conservative 834 Defeated

Harold Ogunfemi
  Conservative 792 Defeated

Julie Wallace
  Independent 734 Defeated

Chris Spalding
  Independent 512 Defeated

Elizabeth Castell
  Labour 449 Defeated

Sonia Lesley Hyner
  Green party 446 Defeated

Clive Bryn Gregory
  Green party 442 Defeated

Joe Murray
  Labour 399 Defeated

Mohammad Zubair Ahmad
  Green party 371 Defeated

Simon Geoffrey Gwilym Williams
  Labour 298 Defeated

Princes Park

Tashi Bhutia *
  Conservative 962 Elected

Gloria Blessing Chukwuka Opara *
  Conservative 951 Elected

Rav Jassal
  Labour 554 Defeated

Nicholas David Chambers
  Ukip 497 Defeated

Olu Obadare
  Labour 494 Defeated

Rainham Central

Jan Aldous *
  Conservative 1699 Elected

Barry Joseph Kemp *
  Conservative 1696 Elected

Nusrat Bibi Ahmed
  Conservative 1439 Elected

Matt Durcan
  Independent 929 Defeated

Mark John Mencattelli
  Independent 670 Defeated

David James Baylis
  Ukip 585 Defeated

Mary Winifred Smith
  Green party 575 Defeated

Sajjad Ahmad Khan
  Labour 475 Defeated

Smitha Campbell
  Labour 468 Defeated

Robert Alan Taylor
  Labour 460 Defeated

Shanthi Ravikumar
  Independent 365 Defeated

Charlie Sheregill
  Independent 279 Defeated

Rainham North

Martin Potter *
  Conservative 1633 Elected

Kirstine Carr
  Conservative 1580 Elected

Chiron Peter Mottram
  Labour 565 Defeated

Benjamin Pranczke
  Labour 517 Defeated

David Raymond Platt
  Ukip 352 Defeated

Rainham South

Gary John Hackwell
  Conservative 1565 Elected

Howard Francis Doe *
  Conservative 1527 Elected

Roger Barrett
  Conservative 1388 Elected

Jean Katherine Shirley Appleton
  Ukip 682 Defeated

Alexandra Grace Chatfield
  Labour 610 Defeated

David John Carman
  Labour 601 Defeated

Tom Davis
  Independent 559 Defeated

Eddie Peake
  Labour 496 Defeated

Mike Walters
  Liberal Democrats 312 Defeated

Roger James Peacock
  Christian Peoples Alliance 198 Defeated


Piers Guy Nicholas Thompson
  Conservative 780 Elected

Habib Odunlamin Sulaiman Tejan *
  Conservative 742 Elected

Lia Helena Mandaracas
  Labour 677 Defeated

Tony John Scudder
  Labour 622 Defeated

Leon Simmonds
  Ukip 337 Defeated

Caroline Mary Bowes
  Green party 300 Defeated

John Edward Castle
  Liberal Democrats 207 Defeated

Alan Edward Wells
  Liberal Democrats 172 Defeated

Rochester East

Teresa Margaret Murray *
  Labour 1332 Elected

Nick Bowler *
  Labour 1277 Elected

Theresa Jane Fawcett
  Conservative 542 Defeated

Jon Lyndon Jones
  Conservative 414 Defeated

Marilyn Stone
  Green party 393 Defeated

Scott Bradley Harris
  Ukip 329 Defeated

Adrian Brindley
  Liberal Democrats 174 Defeated

Rochester South and Horsted

Trevor Anthony Clarke *
  Conservative 1658 Elected

Sylvia Mary Griffin *
  Conservative 1563 Elected

Rupert David Fearon Turpin *
  Conservative 1498 Elected

Joe Wastell
  Labour 816 Defeated

Mark William Jones
  Labour 767 Defeated

Meenatchi Gopal
  Labour 766 Defeated

Rose Atkinson
  Ukip 566 Defeated

Bernard Edward Hyde
  Green party 427 Defeated

Viv Parker
  Liberal Democrats 365 Defeated

Sarah Louise Manuel
  Liberal Democrats 342 Defeated

Cathy Sutton
  Liberal Democrats 277 Defeated

Rochester West

Stuart Albert Tranter *
  Conservative 1248 Elected

Alex Paterson *
  Labour 1126 Elected

Rebecca Ryan
  Conservative 1017 Defeated

Elaine Orford Thomas
  Labour 775 Defeated

Catriona Margaret Jamieson
  Green party 431 Defeated

Robert Newton
  Ukip 335 Defeated

Anita Jane Holloway
  Liberal Democrats 244 Defeated

Mina Da Rui
  Animal Welfare party 229 Defeated

Peter Loftus
  Liberal Democrats 166 Defeated

Strood North

Elizabeth Jane Chitty *
  Conservative 1331 Elected

Stephen Alan Hubbard
  Labour 1313 Elected

Steve Iles *
  Conservative 1200 Elected

James Michael Braithwaite
  Labour 1118 Defeated

Fatima Mitchell
  Conservative 1055 Defeated

Zoe Van-Dyke
  Labour 1037 Defeated

David John Atkinson
  Ukip 604 Defeated

Trish Marchant
  Green party 499 Defeated

Chembukkavu John George
  Independent 410 Defeated

Les Nithsdale
  Independent 349 Defeated

Kevin Riches Nutter
  Independent 264 Defeated

Strood Rural

John Williams *
  Conservative 1407 Elected

Gary David James Etheridge *
  Conservative 1331 Elected

Elizabeth Turpin
  Conservative 1232 Elected

Martin Anthony Cook
  Ukip 770 Defeated

Ben Cook
  Independent 724 Defeated

Julia Cicely Hawkins
  Labour 588 Defeated

Brian Styles
  Independent 538 Defeated

Charlie Matthew Curtis Kennedy
  Labour 520 Defeated

Kenneth Watkins
  Green party 501 Defeated

Frank William Hurley Moreton
  Independent 491 Defeated

Gareth Richard Myton
  Labour 467 Defeated

Andy Millsom
  Liberal Democrats 350 Defeated

Strood South

Josie Iles *
  Conservative 938 Elected

Chris Buckwell
  Conservative 861 Elected

Richard Niall Thorne
  Conservative 777 Elected

Lindsey Burke
  Labour 758 Defeated

Isaac Ikechukwu Igwe
  Labour 758 Defeated

Anthony Marcus McNulty Hill
  Labour 755 Defeated

Shane Karl Back
  Ukip 611 Defeated

Dave Frederick Fahey
  Ukip 549 Defeated

Marja Astrid Kingma
  Green party 384 Defeated

Neil James Atkinson
  Independent 382 Defeated

Stephen McManus
  Independent 269 Defeated

Alan James Tucker
  Independent 216 Defeated


John William Lloyd
  Labour 1190 Elected

Hazel Louise Browne-Williams
  Labour 1139 Elected

Mark Prenter
  Labour 1066 Elected

Natalie Janine Jarvis
  Conservative 893 Defeated

Jim Gilbourne
  Conservative 844 Defeated

Mark Paul Joy *
  Conservative 819 Defeated

Rob McCulloch Martin
  Ukip 645 Defeated

Christine Barnacle
  Independent 489 Defeated

Kate Belmonte
  Green party 420 Defeated

Leona Jane McCord
  Independent 300 Defeated

Maureen Ruparel
  Liberal Democrats 235 Defeated


David Frederick Brake *
  Conservative 1241 Elected

Adrian Victor Henry Gulvin *
  Conservative 1091 Elected

Jonathan Brind
  Labour 551 Defeated

Robert John Heathfield
  Labour 500 Defeated

Stephen Newton
  Ukip 460 Defeated


Wendy Purdy *
  Conservative 949 Elected

Chrissy Stamp
  Labour 928 Elected

Jordan Desmond Hartley
  Labour 768 Defeated

Andrew William John Lawrence
  Conservative 740 Defeated

Alan William Collins
  Liberal Democrats 473 Defeated

David Noel Paul Radlett
  Ukip 371 Defeated

Martin Jacob Rose
  Liberal Democrats 364 Defeated

Joel Andrew Love
  Green party 296 Defeated

* Denotes a councillor standing for re-election

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