Medway Elects
Gillingham and Rainham

6 May 2010


An election was held in Gillingham and Rainham on 6 May 2010 to elect a member of parliament for the constituency . The following result was declared by the returning officer:

Candidate Votes %
  Majority 8,680 18.6
  Turnout 46,786 66.0
  Conservative win (new constituency)

* Denotes member of parliament standing for re-election

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Election Expenses by Candidate

Candidates have individual limits on the amount they can spend during the election campaign. The limit for each candidate in Gillingham and Rainham in 2010 was £10,686.70 for the short campaign (the period beginning the day the individual officially becomes a candidate) and £28,536.70 for the long campaign.

  Candidate Long Campaign Short Campaign Total Expenses £ per Vote

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Election Expenses

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