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Find your #MedwayElects19 results
Find your #MedwayElects19 results
Gillingham & Rainham

8 June 2017


The following results were declared by the Returning Officer:

Candidate Party Votes %
  Rehman Chishti * Conservative 27,091 55.4
  Andy Stamp Labour 17,661 36.1
  Martin Anthony Cook UKIP 2,097 4.3
  Paul Chaplin Liberal Democrat 1,372 2.8
  Clive Bryn Malcolm Gregory Green Party 520 1.1
  Roger James Peacock Christian Peoples Alliance 127 0.3
Majority 9,430 19.3
Turnout 48,868 67.2
  Conservative hold

* Denotes Member of Parliament standing for re-election

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Rejected Ballots

The number of votes rejected and not counted at this election was:

Want of Official Mark 0
Voting for more than one candidate 21
Writing or marks by which the voter could be identified 0
Unmarked or voided for uncertainty 69
Total 90

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Election Expenses by Candidate

Candidates have individual limits on the amount they can spend during the election campaign. The limit for each candidate in Gillingham & Rainham in 2017 was £12,995.76 for the short campaign (the period beginning the day the individual officially becomes a candidate).

Candidate Short Campaign Total Expenses £ per Vote
  Andy Stamp £9,332.81 £9,332.81 £0.53
  Rehman Chishti £7,411.23 £7,411.23 £0.27
  Paul Chaplin £1,680.32 £1,680.32 £1.22
  Martin Anthony Cook £769.18 £769.18 £0.37
  Roger James Peacock £470.00 £470.00 £3.70
  Clive Bryn Malcolm Gregory £35.00 £35.00 £0.07

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Election Expenses

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