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Medway Local Plan (Amendment)

25 September 2002


A report was submitted asking members to agree a formal response to the inspector's report into the Medway local plan along with resulting modifications to the plan.

Councillor Mason, supported by Councillor Richard Wozencroft, proposed that the responses recommended by officers in the cabinet report dated 25 June 200 were approved with the following exceptions:

  1. With respect to Rochester Airfield (appendix 1 refers) policy s11 and all other references to built development on Rochester Airfield be deleted from the plan;
  2. Former paint factory, Bush Road, Cuxton: the indicative capacity for the site remaining at 45 as in the deposit local plan;
  3. Rear of Elm Avenue, Chattenden: the indicative capacity for the site remaining at 30 as in the deposit local plan and with no amendment to the site boundary to include the property known as Searchlight as recommended by the inspector; and
  4. Reference to residential development, rear of Compass Close and The Tideway, Rochester, be deleted from the plan.


Councillor John Shaw, supported by Councillor Munton, proposed the following amendment:

That (1), (2) and (3) are deleted and that (4) then becomes the new (1).

On being put to the vote, the amendment was carried and became the substantive motion.

Vote Result

Votes by Councillor

For For For 37

The following councillors voted in favour of the amendment:

Against Against Against 34

The following councillors voted against the amendment:

Absent Absent Absent 9

The following councillors were absent from the vote:

To view the list of councillors who voted in favour or against the amendment, those who abstained and those who were absent, click on the appropriate heading.

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