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Find your #MedwayElects19 results
Find your #MedwayElects19 results
Gillingham & Rainham

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Click on the map to see which party won the most recent Council election in each ward in Gillingham & Rainham.

Member of Parliament

Gillingham & Rainham is currently represented in the House of Commons by:

Rehman Chishti
  6 May 2010 -

Election History for Gillingham & Rainham (2010 to Present)

General election
8 June 2017

General election
7 May 2015

General election
6 May 2010

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Boundaries (2010 to Present)

      Gillingham North
      Gillingham South
      Hempstead and Wigmore
      Rainham Central
      Rainham North
      Rainham South

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