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Paul Harriott

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Political Career

Paul Harriott has served in the following posts:

Medway Council

Gillingham Borough Council

Only periods where Paul Harriott represented Medway are included in this section. Some of Medway's current and former representatives have also represented other parts of the country in local government, devolved assemblies and both houses of parliament.

Attendance at Council Meetings

The full council meets six times a year and, unless there are extenuating circumstances, all councillors are expected to attend these meetings. Paul Harriott's attendance record is as follows:

Click on a term to see how Paul Harriott's attendance compared to the other councillors for that term.

Attendance at Committee Meetings

Councillors usually sit on a number of scrutiny or decision-making committees. Additionally, they may substitute for another member of a committee who is unable to make a meeting. Paul Harriott's attendance record for these committee meetings is as follows:

Attendance as a substitute member of a committee is not included in the calculation of the attendance rate. Click on a term to see how Paul Harriott's attendance compared to the other councillors for that term.

We are still working on adding historic attendance records to our database. The earliest council meeting we have attendance data for is that held on 6 May 2009. The earliest committee meeting we have attendance data for is that held on 12 March 2014. Please bear with us while we work back to the earliest data available.

Councillors' Allowances

All councillors are entitled to a basic allowance and to claim for certain travel and subsistence expenses. Some councillors have special responsibilities (e.g. a cabinet portfolio or chairing a committee) and receive an additional allowance. The amount Paul Harriott received each year in allowances and expenses was:

  Total £89,957.06
Basic allowance £88,647.12
Special responsibility allowance £1,068.30
Travel and subsistence £241.64

Allowances information is only available from 2005 onwards. Click on a year to see how Paul Harriott's allowances compared to the other councillors for that year.

Voting History

Most decisions taken by councillors at meetings of the full council are made by unanimous agreement or, if the decision is disputed, by show of hands. However, the council's constitution states that in certain circumstances, or if six or more members request, a "recorded vote" may be taken, where each councillor's vote is recorded in the minutes of the meeting. The votes recorded for Paul Harriott are as follows:

2011 to 2015

2007 to 2011

2003 to 2007

2000 to 2003

Recorded votes are only available from December 2001 onwards. Click on a vote to see the full details of the motion and how the other councillors voted.

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