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Additions to the Capital Programme and Revenue Budget (Amendment)

15 January 2009


Members received a report seeking approval to amend the capital programme to increase the allocation for part 1 claims on the A228 to £2 million and the addition of £2,096,112 funding from Communities and Local Government for the Great Lines city park, subject to such funding being agreed by the Communities and Local Government.

In addition, in line with the decision of cabinet on 6 January 2009, members were requested, subject to the making of a parking order, to approve car parking fees and charges for the Black Lion leisure centre, as set out within section 5 of the report, it being noted that such measures were being introduced to make it easier for users of the leisure centre to park and that the director of regeneration, community and culture had been granted delegated authority to introduce a parking fee refund system for leisure centre users.

The portfolio holder for finance, Councillor Jarrett, supported by the leader, Councillor Rodney Chambers, proposed the recommendations set out within the report, subject to an amendment to proposed recommendation 7.2 to change reference to 'Great Lines city park' to 'Great Lines heritage park'.


Councillor Griffiths, supported by Councillor Godwin proposed an amendment to the proposed recommendation 7.3 as follows:

The council agrees to retain free short term parking at the Black Lion to encourage shoppers to use Gillingham high street during the economic downturn, therefore this council agrees, subject to the making of a parking order for the Black Lion leisure centre car park, the car parking fees and charges shall be as set out below:

0-1 hours - Free
1-2 hours - £0.90
2-4 hours - £1.20
4-6 hours - £1.50
6-8 hours - £2.40
8+ hours - £2.80

On being put to the vote, the amendment was lost.

Vote Result

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